Sunday, September 23, 2012

The CIA-Soros Partnership

A curious link between George Soros and the CIA has emerged as a result of disclosures of funding of a Malaysian media organization by the National Endowment for Democracy. It turns out it was NED funding and Soros funding.

NED has long been known as a CIA front. In the clip below, one time CIA case officer Phil Agee describes the developments that led up to the formation of NED and how NED operates.

This is all noteworthy with regard to Soros, since the Malaysiakini, a Malaysian media organization, has just admitted receiving funds from NED.

The funding has been apparently been going on for many years and a journalist now discloses that he quit working for Malaysiakini because of its then secret funding by NED and Soros.

Y.L. Chong quit from Malaysiakini as its news editor more than a decade ago when the news portal management refused to admit that they were getting funds from NED and Soros.

“I told Malaysiakini 11 years ago to come clean, and not hide such information from our subscribers and readers.

“I decided to throw in my resignation as I could not toe the line and keep the Soros link under wraps,” he said in an interview with Malaysia's The Star.

Chong revealed all this several years ago in his blog called

“I was then news editor, and hence privy to information raised at Malaysiakini's meetings, and I had learned that indeed Malaysiakini had received an initial 10% down payment of RM188,000 for a 10% interest in Malaysiakini,” he added.

Chong said he quit after confronting the two Malaysiakini's top guns - Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran - and the two refused to publicly admit to receiving funds through Media Development Loan Fund run by the Open Society Institute, a well-known international unit linked to Soros.

“In fact Gan said it would be the death of Malaysiakini if they admitted to receiving funding from Soros,'' he said.


  1. One of the Wizards of Oz gets caught behind the curtain with his shorts down. You have to wonder how much the puppet masters augment the CIA budget? I suspect they can just send a Paypal to with their order and get same day service.

    With this and "security" in Benghazi, I think it's more appropriate to ask, "What isn't the CIA involved in, and who are they not in bed with?" What is blowback and what is an op? Now you can flip a coin and have pretty good odds on being right because it doesn't seem to matter.

  2. What is wrong with receiving funds from Soros? Soros is doing a good job for supporting NGOs that fights for human rights and justice. NGOs have a right to receive funds from anyone who is willing to give to them, whether it is from the Jews, Chinese, Indians or Malays or Westerners. If it is because he is a Jew, then, you are a racist. You can't expect our govt. to fund these NGOs. As long as these NGOs are doing a good job of exposing corruption and injustice, they should not be harrassed for receiving foreign funds. NGOs need fundings to operate. You can't just depend on local people for funds.

    1. The problem here is not whether you receive funds from whom. The matter is what are those funds' purposes are. Have you ever seen what is written in Malaysiakini? Tonnes of unsubstantiated news, rumors and lies, the perfect form of irresponsible journalism that make FoxNews seems like an angel.