Saturday, September 15, 2012

The EPJ Calendar: The Good, The Bad & The Interventionists

By, Chris Rossini
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Each Saturday, EPJ publishes a calendar of upcoming political & economic events. The appearance of an event does not necessarily equal an endorsement by EPJ; hence the name The EPJ Calendar: The Good, The Bad & The Interventionists.

Our goal is to help you become aware of events that may be in your area, and also to give you snapshot on what can be expected in the days and weeks ahead.

If you believe that your event, speech, meetup, etc. should be on our weekly calendar, please email me at

The Week Ahead

Sunday, September 16
  • Walter Block - Columbia University
  • Jesse Ventura Book Signing - 2 PM Barnes & Noble - New Brunswick, NJ
  • Jesse Ventura Book Signing - 7 PM Barnes & Noble - Fresh Meadows, NY
Monday, September 17
Tuesday, September 18
Wednesday, September 19
  • Bernanke meets with Senate Finance Committee members
Friday, September 21
  • Obama campaign event - Manassas, VA
Saturday, September 22

Down the Road

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  1. Jeffrey Tucker will be on Book TV...check your local listings.