Saturday, September 29, 2012

The TSA as F Troop (NBA Edition)

They can't catch an NBA exec with a gun, how are they going to catch a terrorist. From NyPo:

Does the TSA know what a gun looks like? 
The bumblers at the Transportation Security Administration let an NBA executive fly from New Orleans to Newark with a loaded handgun in his bag without calling a foul, The Post has learned. 
New Orleans Hornets VP Joshua Richardson had allegedly taken the weapon on his trip to the New York area by accident after he grabbed his wife’s bag containing the weapon, instead of his own.
The b-ball blunder came to light last night after TSA agents at Newark Airport found the .38-caliber handgun in the luggage as Richardson tried to fly home, Port Authority police reported.
But they are good at make-believe threats. From the TSA web site:
 3 inert grenades were discovered in checked bag at Glacier Park (GPI) resulting in an evacuation of the baggage room as well as the public side of the airport. Some news reports cited the grenades as “Halloween props”, but to our Officers, they looked like 3 live grenades. 


  1. Last month I flew out to Denver with my mom and she got through security with a knife in her purse (she forgot she had it in there). But hey, the TSA keeps us safe.

  2. I think you are being very unfair to F Troop.

    1. Lol, agreed. At least F Troop was funny.