Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too Perfect

(ht Dale Fitzgerald)


  1. The UN is a threat to the sovereignty of every country in the world, including the United States. They have failed to keep the peace, and in some instances facilitated war (like in Korea). Now they want to grab our guns and tax us. It was a mistake to join the UN and doing so was a major break from the American tradition of nonintervention and avoiding entangling alliances.

  2. “The United Nations, unfortunately, does not afford a good breeding ground for such constructive principles of international law and order. For it is the seedling of a world State, a master imperialistic power that would dominate the citizens of the entire subject world. Furthermore, the UN is basically committed to collective-security warfare against “aggression” and is therefore a warmongering organization in its very essence.”
    — Murray Rothbard, The Real Aggressor

    1. As usual, Rothbard nailed it perfectly!

    2. Yes, they used Muslim patsy folks, and started WW3.

      It's sad- most people will admit that it's possible (in light of Benghazi and Petraeus even moreso) but still won't blame the CIA.