Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weisenthal is Not Only Anti-Gold, He Is, Get This, Against Bacon Stories

He tweets:

He doesn't believe bacon is going to go up in price? Has the man been following the drought in the farm belt? Does he realizes this means that farmers have been sending pigs to slaughter early, which means less bacon next year?

Does the man have any clue as to where food prices will be next year if we get a perfect storm of rising prices because of the drought AND Bernanke's money printing kicks in?

Does he have any idea what this will do to the price of gold and bacon? And, yes, you can eat bacon.


  1. probably why he prefers econometrics, the numbers on his blackboard do his bidding whereas stuff outside his window......

  2. Don't we have betting markets for this? Does he have the stones, this should be a requirement maybe? Money on the line.