Thursday, October 25, 2012

80 Evil CEOs

Chief executives of more than 80 big-name U.S. corporations, from Aetna Inc. to Weyerhaeuser Co., are banding together to pressure Congress to reduce the federal deficit with tax-revenue increases as well as spending cuts, reports David Wessel at WSJ.

These guys aren't close to free market advocates. They think everything from healthcare to "growth" should be managed by the government. They are elitist crony central planners. More from WSJ:

The CEOs, in a statement to be released on Thursday, say any fiscal plan "that can succeed both financially and politically" has to limit the growth of health-care spending, make Social Security solvent and "include comprehensive and pro-growth tax reform, which broadens the base, lowers rates, raises revenues and reduces the deficit."...The CEOs who signed the manifesto deem tax increases inevitable no matter which party succeeds at the polls in November. "There is no possible way; you can do the arithmetic a million different ways" to avoid raising taxes, said Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna. "You can't tax your way to fix this problem, and you can't cut entitlements enough to fix this problem."...The executives didn't endorse Mr. Obama's proposal to raise the marginal income-tax rates for the top 2% of taxpayers or any other proposal. Rather, they called for an overhaul of the tax code that, among things, would eliminate or reduce deductions, credits and loopholes (known as "broadening the base"), and one that also would bring the Treasury more revenue than the existing code does.

The evil 80 are (Notice the banksters, Lloyed Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are on the list):

ACE Limited
Evan Greenberg, Chairman, President & CEO

Aetna, Inc.
Mark Bertolini, Chairman, CEO & President

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
John McGlade, Chairman, President & CEO

Airlines for America
Nicholas Calio, President & CEO

Alcoa Inc.
Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman, President & CEO, Executive Council

Allstate Corporation
Thomas Wilson, Chairman, President & CEO

Apollo Global Management, LLC
Leon Black, Chairman & CEO

AT&T Inc.
Randall Stephenson, Chairman & CEO

Bank of America Corporation
Brian T. Moynihan, President & CEO

BlackRock, Inc.
Larry D. Fink, Chairman & CEO

Boeing Company
W. James McNerney, Jr., Chairman, President & CEO

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
Richard Daly, CEO

CA Technologies, Inc.
William McCracken, CEO

Caesars Entertainment Corp.
Gary Loveman, Chairman, President & CEO

Caterpillar Inc.
Douglas Oberhelman, Chairman & CEO

Cisco Systems, Inc.
John Chambers, Chairman, President & CEO

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC
Donald Gogel, Chairman & CEO

Continental Grain Company
Paul Fribourg, Chairman, President & CEO

Cooper Industries, plc
Kirk Hachigian, Chairman, President & CEO

Corning Inc.
Wendell Weeks, Chairman & CEO

Corporate Executive Board Company
Thomas L. Monahan, III, Chairman & CEO

Deere & Company
Samuel R. Allen, Chairman & CEO

Deloitte Federal Government Services
Robin Lineberger, CEO

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Richard Anderson, CEO

Michael White, Chairman, President & CEO

Dow Chemical Company
Andrew Liveris, Chairman, President & CEO

Eaton Corp.
Alexander Cutler, Chairman & CEO

Joe Payne, Chairman & CEO

Express Scripts, Inc.
George Paz, Chairman, President & CEO

Farallon Capital Mgmt., LLC
Thomas F. Steyer, Founder & Senior Managing Member

Foot Locker, Inc.
Ken Hicks, CEO

General Atlantic, LLC
Steven A. Denning, Chairman

General Electric Company
Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO

Mark Walsh, Chairman & CEO

Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman & CEO

HarbourVest Partners, LLC
Frederick C. Maynard, III, Managing Director

Honeywell International Inc.
David Cote, Chairman & CEO

Humana Inc.
Michael McCallister, Chairman & CEO

Ingram Content Group, Inc.
John Ingram, Chairman & CEO

Interaction Associates
Linda Stewart, President & CEO

Invesco Ltd.
Martin L. Flanagan, President & CEO

Investment Technology Group, Inc.
Robert Gasser, President & CEO

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO

Knight Capital Group, Inc.
Thomas M. Joyce, Chairman & CEO

Loews Corp.
Andrew Tisch, Co-Chairman of the Board

Loews Corp.
James Tisch, President & CEO

M&T Bank
Robert Wilmers, Chairman & CEO

Macy's, Inc.
Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President & CEO

Marriott International, Inc.
Arne M. Sorenson, President & CEO

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Brian Duperreault, President & CEO

Merck & Co., Inc.
Kenneth Frazier, Chairman, President & CEO

Microsoft Corp.
Steve Ballmer, CEO

Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Greg Brown, Chairman & CEO

Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc.
Robert Greifeld, CEO

NYSE Euronext
Duncan L. Niederauer, CEO

Partnership for New York City
Kathy Wylde, President & CEO

Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.
Bill Ackman, Founder & CEO

Prologis, Inc.
Walter Rakowich, Co-CEO

Promontory Financial Group
Eugene Ludwig, Founder & CEO

Qualcomm Inc.
Dr. Paul Jacobs, Chairman & CEO

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company
Thomas J. Quinlan III, President & CEO

Ramsey Asset Management
W. Russell Ramsey, Chairman, President & CEO

RRE Investors, LLC
James Robinson, III, Founding General Partner

Silver Lake Partners
Glenn Hutchins, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Sirius XM Radio Inc.
Mel Karmazin, CEO

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Frits van Paasschen, President & CEO

State Farm Mutual
Edward Rust, Jr., Chairman, President & CEO

T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
Brian Rogers, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Tenneco, Inc.
Gregg M. Sherrill, Chairman & CEO

Textron Inc.
Scott Donnelly, Chairman, President & CEO

The Duchossois Group, Inc.
Craig Duchossois, CEO

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Marc Casper, President & CEO

Time Warner Cable Inc.
Glenn Britt, Chairman & CEO

Tishman Speyer
Jerry Speyer, Chairman & Co-CEO

TiVo, Inc.
Tom Rogers, CEO & President

United Parcel Service, Inc.
D. Scott Davis, Chairman & CEO

VeriFone Systems, Inc.
Doug Bergeron, CEO

Verizon Communications Inc.
Lowell McAdam, Chairman & CEO

Vornado Realty Trust
Steven Roth, Chairman

Walgreen Co.
Gregory Wasson, President & CEO

Weber Shandwick Worldwide
Jack Leslie, Jr., Chairman

Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe
Russell Carson, Co-Founder & Gen. Partner

Weyerhaeuser Company
Daniel Fulton, President & CEO

Wheels, Inc.
James Frank, President & CEO

Willis Group Holdings plc
Joseph Plumeri, II, Chairman & CEO

World Fuel Services Corporation
Paul Stebbins, Executive Chairman


  1. Wait till the liberals use this bit of nonsense. First, they're free to cut a check to the treasury for whatever amount they "want" to pay,.

    But of course they don't want to pay more, they want their smaller competition to be crushed by taxes. Is it that hard to figure out?

  2. Note Apple isn't on this list. Perhaps Jobs's antigovernment influence rubbed off on the otherwise underwhelming Cook.

  3. and not a one of them, or their companies would be paying the higher taxes they are pushing for(and they know it)....digusting.

  4. Someone should maintain a ranking of the Fortune 500 companies based on how anti-market they are... in terms of money spent on lobbying, campaign donations, and other anti-freedom metrics.

    Then we'll be able to get a clearer view of the crony capitalists who are portrayed as paragons of the free market.

  5. A Who's Who of protectionist beneficiaries.

    None of these companies would exist on the free market.

  6. Incredibly handy to have a list of companies/CEO's that I can not only refuse to invest in, but actively boycot and refuse to use anything they make, market, or steal (jamie and Lloyd)...

  7. Caution public-schoolers, big words ahead. This is just a good cop, bad cop, routine. If the corporations pay for the government they want, why set themselves up to take the blame for tax increases? Because they are one step removed from accountability and electability. Fascism is the marriage of corporate and government power. Our leaders aren't satisfied with Hitler's brand of fascism. Ding! Ding! Next stop North Korea! Bow before your imperious leader! Wake up fools

  8. Wouldn't need to raise taxes if we didn't subsidize these companies with billions of taxpayer funds.

  9. The Bush tax cuts for the rich worked so well I say make them permanet and elect Romney so we can pay $6 a gallon gas and when Romney eliminates the capital gains tax the rich will get even richer and then we will see some jobs growth.

  10. Let's see, ceo compensation has increased 3000% since 1980 while the worker compensation has increased 15%. "broadening the base" - not much blood left in the turnips at the bottom...

    Hopefully IF Romney gets in, the Dems can 'smother' his agenda the way the gop did Obama. Cliff a long fall for the those at the top...

  11. It's a$$ backward to lower the buying power of the American people.
    When Henry Ford realized that his own workers could not afford to by his cars he doubled their wages so they were able to buy his automobiles.

    1. Actually, Ford paid his workers more to avoid high turnover rates which caused production downtime and incurred costs of finding and training new workers. It was more efficient to pay the workers a higher wage.

      Modern day CEOs could learn much from Ford's example.

  12. Here is my prescription. We must band together like the CEOs in this article and demand the following changes from Washington:

    A universal health care system paid for by a special tax of 6% for those people with over $500k annual gross income.

    An annual wealth tax of 5% per year for everyone with $10,000,000 or more assets that goes directly into the Social Security kitty.

    Corporate tax rate of 25% based on gross revenue with no loopholes.

    Flat tax of 25% for annual gross income over $1,000,000.

    Flat tax of 20% for annual gross income between $500K and $1 Million

    Flat tax of 10% for annual gross income under $500K.

    No loopholes. The free ride is over for greedy CEOs. Join the rest of us.