Friday, October 12, 2012

European Union Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The gloablist, new world order pet project, the 27-nation European Union has been awarded the 2012 peace prize by Norwegian Nobel Committee.

This award is given to the EU as its inner core, the eurozone, is near financial collapse and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on a recent trip to Greece, was met by thousands of Greek protesters, some dressed in Nazi uniforms.

Only money printing by the European Central Bank will "save" the eurozone, which would lead to soaring price inflation and civil unrest.

Bottom line: The Nobel awards are becoming more and more bankster propaganda tools.


  1. I can't wait to hear Nigel Farage's comments.

  2. So based on the conduct of our Great Leader after he received his award I am assuming a mass slaughter of Euro Peoples is about to commence.

  3. The Nobel peace prize is now officially redundant (along with the economics prize of course). I thought Obama getting it was bad... The EU is anti-freedom, anti-prosperity and anti-peace

  4. Totally absurd! Tops even the ridiculous peace prize given to Obama in 2009.

  5. I'm surprised Big Bird did not make the cut. Instead, they gave it to a bunch of Dodo birds.

  6. Wait. This wasn't a joke? I read it on zerohedge thinking that it was just some off-color humor.

    What was their contribution to economic theory?

    It's sort of like that Home Improvement episode where Tim's show wins a safety award for showing people what not to do.

    1. "What was their contribution to economic theory?"

      Peace prize, not economics. You should be asking what their contribution to peace was. The answer, however, is the same.

  7. Farage didn't say this, but it made him laugh.

  8. Next up posthumous awards for Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Hitler - with a special lifetime achievement award for Beelzebub. Nobel - the best prize money can buy...