Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farrakhan Calls Out Obama for Carrying on with Neoconservative Policy

At the two minute mark.

Also later in the clip, some interesting comments by Farrakhan on Muslims in the west versus Muslims in the east, and what western Muslims need to teach Muslims in the east.


  1. Farrakhan actually makes really good points often. Unfortunately then he has to go talk about flying alien pyramids or whatever...

  2. Wow! How come Farrakhan gets less respect than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Maybe it is for the same reason Malcolm X got less respect than MLK. Malcolm X and Farrakhan did and do not pander to or show respect to the American state. I may not agree with everything Farrakhan says but I actually hear him make a lot of sense from time to time, unlike Sharpton or Jackson. Thanks for posting the video.