Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Avoid Putting Ethanol in Your Car

Although used to fuel Henry Ford's Model T's, ethanol stopped being used as a fuel during prohibition (ethanol fuel sellers were accused of being allied with moonshiners), ethanol is back only because of crony capitalists, primarily Archer Daniels Midland, who pushed Congress to force ethanol into gasoline mixes. Ethanol free gas is about 10 cents more per gallon, but you get better miles per gallon and if you ask any mechanic who has worked on a car that uses ethanol free gasoline, he will tell you the engines are cleaner. From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire (Via The Daily Crux) :
Obama recently approved an increase in the maximum amount of ethanol retailers may blend into gasoline - from 10% to 15%. For years, the government has pushed the use of ethanol in gasoline - even giving corn growers a $7 billion subsidy every year. The fuel is publicized as better for the environment and more energy efficient than gasoline.

But even environmentalists now admit ethanol increases many pollutants 7%, compared to gasoline. And if you have an older car or boat, an ethanol-gasoline blend can damage to your engine.

If you want to avoid ethanol blends, visit This site lists gas stations across the U.S. and Canada that provide ethanol-free gas. Some states, like California and Maine, require a warning label to be put on the pump at ethanol blend gas stations so you can avoid it. To find out your states laws, click here.

(ht Pete Wenzel)


  1. "Ethanol free gas is about 10 cents more per gallon"

    Where is this information from?
    I think in most places you can't get ethanol-free gasoline at all...

  2. And it is much more than 10 cents per gallon. HUGE infrastructure changes were required for heavy use of ethanol. And it has fewer BTUs / volume, so anyone who says it will get "better" mileage is worthlessly stupid and should not be listened to.