Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If You Missed the Debate...

Here's how mainstream media is going to discuss it:

Here are some more serious observations (via twitter) that will never make it to MSM:

Justin Raimondo ‏@JustinRaimondo
Romney made a point of saying no cuts in the military -- twice. Neocons rejoice!

Justin Raimondo ‏@JustinRaimondo
I didn't hear Romney oppose a single govt program: he loves regulations, doesn't want tax cuts. This was like a Democratic primary debate.

Sam E. Antar ‏@SamAntar
Memo to Obama and Romney - How to win a Presidential debate: Promise more, explain less. Voters like style, not substance.

Timothy P Carney ‏@TPCarney
Don't ignore that Romney tonight walked a very centrist line--on regulation, spending, taxes...

Julie Borowski ‏@JulieBorowski
Sigh. RT @ladyjade Yes, lets get more people paying more taxes, Mr Conservative

Timothy P Carney ‏@TPCarney
Romney ends by declaring where he wants to spend lots of taxpayer money.

Julie Borowski ‏@JulieBorowski
RT @rcatlin "I do not believe in cutting our military," says Romney, proving he's not serious about cutting any deficit.

Julie Borowski ‏@JulieBorowski
RT @CorieWhalen Obama pretends that he ended wars and reined in Wall St - he's further subsidized both.

Timothy P Carney ‏@TPCarney
When Obama talks about doubling exports he is mostly talking about subsidizing Boeing Jets. …

For the record, in a debate about the economy, there was no mention of the Federal Reserve.

Bottom line: the debate was between two taxaholic, spendaholic interventionists. With Obama actually looking like he was embarrassed about being a taxaholic, spendaholic interventionist. Points to Obama for guilt.


  1. All the conservatives are singing Romney's praise. The left is horrified. They are both right, but the problem for Obama is that there's not much to disagree with in Romney. It was Democrat v. Democrat tonight; the country loses.

    I don't see how any libertarian, or for that matter anyone who actually considers themselves conservative could have thought Romney won. It was one socialist proposal after another.

    One moron on facebook argued that Romney should be applauded for supporting the 10th Amendment. Shoving government programs down the states' throats on some neocon theory that that makes it more efficient is not the 10th Amendment. That's the problem with the neocons. They have absolutely no philosophical, historical, or economic grounding. Romneycare sounds good to them just because it's not Obamacare.

    Lew Rockwell is right. There is no hope for a political solution.

  2. Well, I gotta admit it was pretty funny to see Chris Matthews nearly in tears over....a presidential debate? What a boob! Brawhahahahaha.....

  3. "So how do we deal with it? Well, mathematically there are -- there are three ways that you can cut a deficit. One, of course, is to raise taxes. Number two is to cut spending. And number three is to grow the economy because if more people work in a growing economy they’re paying taxes and you can get the job done that way." - Mitt Romney

    How about printing lots of money.

    Romney is an idiot. People who think he's a fiscal conservative are worse than fools.

  4. They're both stooges, but at least we get some entertainment out of it. Dennis Miller's twitter feed was pretty funny:

    -Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.
    -Obama keeps looking down at his belt buckle teleprompter.
    -Obama is being owned, refinanced and owned again!
    -Romney keeps this up Obama's gonna vote for him.

  5. Romney had the theatrical edge but if he had said this stuff during the primaries, he would have had his rear nailed to the wall. What a phony!