Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Krugman on Paul Ryan, the FlimFlam Man

 Paul Krugman can be quite the truth-teller when it benefits his team (with a nice swipe at WaPo):
Way back in 2010 I took a real look at Paul Ryan’s much-praised plan, and quickly determined that it was essentially a fraud. I pronounced him a flimflam man. And according to my sources, the Very Serious People of Washington were greatly annoyed. They had decided that Ryan was a Brave Truth-Teller; you weren’t supposed to question that premise. Indeed, months later Ryan received a “Fiscy” award for fiscal responsibility.
So you’ll forgive me if my eyes popped a bit on seeing VSP Central, aka the Washington Post, publishing an editorial titled, yes, Paul Ryan’s budget flimflam, accusing him of faking it and “hiding behind a flimsy scaffolding of pseudo-wonkiness.” Quite.


  1. More and more it seems the world is just dishonest at its core. People will just do whatever suits their purposes without regards to the moral effect, as long as its not too much for their conscience to bear, which seems to be a lot. We libertarians must stay above this kind of dishonesty.

  2. Doesn't Krugman care about poor people? $80,000 for food kitchens for an hour's interview? Come on? Against a nobody, non-nobel prize winning upstart? Cakewalk baby!


  3. Krugman is not an Economist...Krugman is a Political Terrorist.