Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lady Gaga Visits Julian Assange

Lady Gaga visited Julian Assange on Monday at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he is holed up as he fights extradition to Sweden. The singer arrived at the embassy around 7 p.m., dined with Assange, staying for around five hours and posing for photos, according to the Daily Beast.

Lady Gaga was in London to promote her new perfume Fame.


  1. atleast there's one good thing about her now.

  2. gaga is a complete tool. keep making money for your vampyric overlords!!

  3. You know they f*cked.

  4. I am surprised she didn't try to smuggle him out in one of her outfits.

  5. Isn't Lady Gaga a limo-liberal Obamazombie? I thought she had even involved herself in a fundraising capacity for Lord Obama. And yet here she is all chummy with a man ostensibly in the crosshairs of the administration and the cabal pulling his strings.

    This presents a funny/sad example of the schizophrenia the Obama administration itself exhibits and the way this intellectual laziness pervades the Obamautomatons who bow in his presence. For instance, the administration antagonizes Al'CIAda while simultaneously bankrolling and arming them to destabilize Syria and Libya. Obama yaps about his past drug use and hope and change, meanwhile he's bringing the hammer down on cannabis users and entrepreneurs.

    Cognitive dissonance is alive and well in Uh'murka. Everything's about the photo op, it seems.