Monday, October 22, 2012

Latest Electoral Votes Tracking

Via Economist:

Ahead of tonight's final debate in Boca Raton, Florida, the race is as knotty as ever. Barack Obama has lost his advantage in Ohio and is now tied with Mitt Romney, according to two polls (here and here; another survey gives the president a one-point lead). But Florida also seems to have narrowed somewhat in recent days, with Mitt Romney holding only a small edge in the Sunshine State.


  1. It was funny watching a Fox News anchor working a touch screen of a U.S. map like he was Vanna White, trying to convince the audience and the Rasmussen poll guy that Romney had a shot at winning.

    It all was for nothing when the Rasmussen guy said "no, you're making assumptions."

  2. It has been fascinating to watch the media try to convince us that Obama was inevitable. Why, there was no real reason to actually hold the vote....except that every day the race got closer, till now you can see the writing on the wall.
    Example: a recent Ohio poll by the DailyKos/SIEU pollster PPP shows
    Romney strong with Repubs (duh)
    Leading among Independents by 7%
    Obama's approval rating is given as underwater: 48-50
    Independent's approval is way bad: 41-54
    PPP nonetheless shows Obama leading in Ohio. How? They are sampling at D+8. In 2008, Dems voted D+5, which was a record breaking year. After 4 years of a bad economy, will Dems be even more energized to vote for Obama? By contrast 2010 was even or even slightly plus-Repub.
    November will tell. But there is a real "smoke and mirrors" feel to the media attempts to make Obama inevitable.