Thursday, October 18, 2012

Newsweek Kills Its Print Edition

Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, writes:
We are announcing this morning an important development at Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Newsweek will transition to an all-digital format in early 2013. As part of this transition, the last print edition in the United States will be our Dec. 31 issue.
Meanwhile, Newsweek will expand its rapidly growing tablet and online presence, as well as its successful global partnerships and events business.
 Layoffs will accompany the move: “Regrettably we anticipate staff reductions and the streamlining of our editorial and business operations both here in the U.S. and internationally,” Brown writes.

This is the death of an establishment beast. Brown will try to spin it as a move toward online distribution, but the fact remains that  according to Newsweek’s most recent publisher’s statement filed with the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the company’s print circulation has dropped 51 percent in the last 5 years (since 2007). Currently, paid subscriptions to Newsweek’s digital-replica edition account for just 1.8 percent of its circulation, according to the statement.


  1. I remember my social studies teacher in 9th grade used to make us clip articles out of Newsweek once a week and make us write a report on them.(25 years ago)

    He got a "teacher discount" for the subscription. I laugh now whenever I get into discussion with teachers(I run into them quite often and have personal relationships with several people around them) because I know in any discussion on politics that if the conversation goes for more than 5 minutes a "Newsweek" reference will come up.'s been an establishment tool of little worth for quite some time. Of course, when I was in 9th grade I had no idea....but now when I get annoyed enough at the typical teachers(not all) bankrupt ideologies they spew in a quasi socialist manner I always bring up that Newsweek was worth as much as their ideology- $1 (that what it was sold for last go round)

  2. Good riddance. Take Time with you when you shut the door.

  3. That's what you get for telling people they're socialists: They stop paying.

  4. Good Riddance. More paper and ink for the rest of us.