Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nigel Farage: Eurozone Being Run By Bad Guys

This is a must view. RT's Lauren Lyster interviews European parliament member Nigel Farage. Farage speaks truth to America about what is going on in the EU, and confirms the worst fears of those who suspect bad guy globalists lurk. Also, don't miss Farage's comments about Ron Paul. The only point where Farage's analysis turns weak is when he turns pro-Romney in the interview, but Lyster nicely slaps down Farage's mistaken beliefs about Romney.


  1. Farage makes point that IMF has/will become bailout vehicle for Eurozone, and the U.S. supplies 18 percent of funding. Suggests there
    should be a debate in U.S. about all of this.

    Shhhh....Christine(and American powers that be) will have NO More of this talk Mr. Farage, you let the cat out of the bag trouble maker!

  2. "You should never create a state, without consent." - Nigal Farage

    I didn't know Farage was an anarchist.

  3. And guess who is accpeting the nobel peace prices on behalf on the awarded 'european union', Farage's main man Barroso. This is too funny.

  4. Mr. Farage may be spot-on with his observation of the EU's economic woes, but he should probably be a bit more cautious with his graphic description of the situation. You know how investors can go all panicky with just a few words like these.