Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYC Mayor Seeks to Enforce Law That Would Have Banned Joseph and Mary from Sleeping in the Stable at Nazareth

Under orders of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the city of New York has filed suit against Smart Apartments LLC and Toshi Inc.

The two firms operate short-stay rooms in as many as 50 residential buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

"Illegal hotel operators create hazardous conditions and place the lives of guests in danger,"  Bloomberg said in an email. "With this lawsuit, we are sending a clear message to operators of all illegal hotels: Our administration will remain vigilant in its commitment to combating this public safety problem."

Of course, the charge that there are hazardous conditions in these rooms that put guests in danger is absurd. The rooms are all in residential high-rises, which house thousand of permanent residents.

What's really going on here is that the two firms are competing with establishment hotels and providing cheaper rates. Bloomberg is creating a moat around the crony establishment NYC hotel industry that will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for operators like Smart Apartments to provide cut-rate hotel prices in a city with extremely high hotel rates.

Bottom line: If Bloomberg were Mayor of Nazareth, when Joseph and Mary passed through, the inn keeper would not have been allowed to rent the stable to Joseph and Mary, where Jesus was born. I guess if there is a second coming and its in NYC, Jesus will have to plan on doing it at a  first class hotel with all the amenities, including sheets with 500 plus thread counts, turndown service and  24-hour room service (with a 16% gratuity added to the bill).


  1. Sounds like Woods law playing out once again.

  2. "Would Have Banned Joseph and Mary" Big deal.

  3. Bloomberg: liar, fascist, crony capitalist.

  4. it is not cut and dry. i had a 1BR in an apartment building and then one day half of it was turned into a hotel. when i say half, i mean half the apts and studios on all floors, willy nilly. it was hell for the existing tenants. there became long waits for the elevators, and new strangers passing thru the hall every few days. not cool

  5. My wife and I had some business for a week in Manhattan. We have 3 children between 9-2. It was a huge convenience and $ savings to stay in a nice townhome in Brooklyn instead of having to get two hotel rooms or a suite in Manhattan...So greatful for that service. The townhome we stayed at was a family that was on vacation. We helped pay the cost of their vacation and cleaned their apartment as we left...why should that be illegal?

    1. Of course it should be illegal. You sublet a townhouse without the express written consent of His Holiness Mayor Buchenwald?

      I bet you drink water out of half-liter bottles. You terrorist, you!

  6. Come guys, don't be so glum! After all, His Excellency Doomberg approved the state-religion of gay marriage. Thanks be that the state can decide who gets approval to be in union with another consenting adult. They get to receive a marriage license, kinda like a driver's license. Then they get the right not to drink 16 oz. sodas. Next it will be microchipping your kids, so they can't buy soda (and for an eternal claim on their earnings).

    But hey,on the bright side-- gay people can get married, and then adopt poor kids away from the dwindling middle class parents who can't afford to keep them. Thanks Your Majesty! A society of cannibals could not be prouder of you than the millions of New Yorkers who vote you in beyond term limits.

  7. Its all about the tax revenue. Yes, there is that gratuity but there is also the room tax that Bloomturd's regime collects as in many other locales.