Monday, October 1, 2012

One Million Using Obama Phones in Ohio

According to the Federal Communications Communication, a program that gives free or subsidized phones to low-income people has doubled in the state of Ohio over the past year, to cover more than 1 million people, reports Breitbart.

This is simply Obama buying votes. A couple of days before the election, a rumor will be started that Romney will cancel the free phone program. Bam these people will be out to vote and vote for Obama, to keep their phones and other government handouts.


  1. As far as transmitting "rumors" to these Obama phone holders: what better way than by text messages or robocalls to their Obama phone? An avenue of communications that would be unavailable to Romney.

  2. Trinkets and junk for the proles, big deal. Everyone in the country has been bought off, everyone, and the politicians know it. Do not vote, that's the best you can do as a remedy.

  3. In Miami, FL, another swing state, elementary students are being issued a free phone for safety. Another series of bread and circuses...