Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power Outages May Last More Than a Week

From WSJ:
Utility companies warned that it could take more than a week to restore power to the millions left in the dark after Sandy pounded the Eastern U.S.

Power companies have dispatched thousands of field crews to repair downed lines and damaged equipment, but they are hampered by flooding, debris and continued high winds—and the sheer size of the task...

The outages will complicate efforts to get mass transit systems rolling again, and will contribute to the troubles of housebound workers who need power for computers and cellphones. But some utilities plan to restore electricity first to hospitals and other critical locations.

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  1. I can say from experience of living in Louisiana and 2 blocks from my city's largest hospital, the closer you are to a hospital, the faster the power is back on. Multiple hurricanes and my power has been off at most one day, while folks living further out have been without power for weeks at a time. Good thing to know when looking for a residence.