Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rand Paul to Appear on 'The Daily Show'

Rand Paul is scheduled to appear on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, tonight.

Let's see how libertarian he gets.

Of course, there is another comedy act tonight also, the first Obama-Romney debate.


  1. Government produces two things: dependency and waste. Oh, yes. It also produces unintentional humor. Government produces three things. Only the humor is of any value unfortunately.

    1. And is also a two things: a Thief and psychopathic Tyrant.


  2. Rand might be lame on the Daily Show--or maybe not. But I do know for sure, he will be better viewing than this Obama-Romney borefest.

  3. It's clear that Rand is not only supporting Mitt Romney but also emulating him.

    As Huntsman put it, Rand is the "perfectly lubricated weathervane" who will get in essence a free pass and softball interview from Jon Stewart, who has no in depth knowledge of true libertarian positions and will consequently treat Rand in the manner of a "libertarian" despite his neocon tendencies.

    The "educated" public that watches Stewart will lap it all up of course and come away feeling like they "know the deal".

    It's all so damn sad. Rand has become even worse than an idealogical opponent; he's a subverter of the truth and a pretender in libertarian philosophy.

  4. The last time Rand was on The Daily Show, it wasn't all that bad, but I wouldn't call it a success either. He did a poor job of directly addressing Jon Stewart's critiques. If anything, tonight's interview will be even more of a balancing act since Rand has to defend libertarianism on one side and defend Romney on the other... it will be interesting to see if Stewart can lure out this cognitive dissonance.