Thursday, October 4, 2012

REPORT: Ron Paul Furious at Jesse Benton

Political insider Roger Stone tweets:


  1. This is not the first time that RP has let the inmates run the asylum. He should have known better and taken more direct interest in both his campaign and outside activities tied directly to him.

  2. RP should be angry at himself for letting this guy wreck his campaign and throwing in the towel very prematurely.
    Now Jesse is just showing his true RepubliCAN colors and there is no need to be upset about it.

  3. Didn't Benton join McConnell two weeks ago???

    Oh I get it. RP finally woke up and realized he lost the republican nomination.

  4. Roger Stone is a known provocateur; while Ron may well be upset with Benton for being a boob, Stone could just as easily be making this up.

  5. Jesse Benton sucks Satan's dick.

  6. Better late than never...

  7. Anonymous,
    I think all those rumors about Ron being angry at Jesse are just the preemptive spin in order to divert people from asking exactly the kind of questions you asked.

  8. I just received a packet in the mail today from C4L.

    It is fascinating. It has two separate letters in it. One, a 1 page letter from Ron Paul stating that he is now resuming chairmanship of C4L.

    The second, written by John Tate...imploring for funds on an emergency basis...suggesting their coffers are running dry and they need funds for the liberty agenda.

    Sorry fellas, that ship sailed for me a long time ago. Maybe you can get Benton to fund some of that liberty agenda stuff that didnt seem to happen under his tenure.

  9. I'm not savvy enough to copy/paste my actual twitter feed but I had a small back and forth with Roger this morning when I saw this tweet.

    Here is the convo:

    Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr:

    STONE COLD TRUTH-Ron Paul furious at Jesse Benton joining GOP establishment camping of Mitch McConnnell #Ron Paul

    @Kozfinance: @RogerJStoneJr source?

    @RogerJStoneJr: @kozfinance does the NY Times reveal their sources--?My source spoke to Ron Paul himself

    @Kozfinance: @RogerJStoneJr thats all I was looking for. A lot of the Ron Paul people wont believe anything without some sort of proof. thanks

    @RogerJStoneJr: @Kozfinance totally solid source, no tin-foil hats!

    @Kozfinance: @RogerJStoneJr: Haha thats always reassuring.

    My take? I think hes serious. I don't see why he would randomly bring something like this up. As far as most are concerned Ron Paul is done with there's no point in Stone going out of his way to further divide the movement. Though the movement lives will do so with or without Ron Paul. Even someone like Stone would get that.

  10. There are two words that explain why I would never have trusted Jessie Benton. Those words are Jessie Benton. Look, that is the name of a kid who fixes brakes and changes oil, not a campaign manager. Who the hell trusts the kid at JiffyLube with a presidential campaign?