Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Real Lesson of Hurricane Sandy: NYC is Ill Prepared for a Real Disaster

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most severe, Hurricane Sandy can be ranked somewhere between a 2 and 3 as far as an emergency for New York City. There were very few deaths or injuries as a result of the hurricane, though property damage will be in the billions of dollars.

What is important to recognize, however, is that the low level emergency revealed just how unprepared the city is for a major catastrophe that includes the loss of power.

It's clear now that while the Mayor of NYC holds press conferences on the size of cups that should be allowed for sugary drinks, no one has been checking on the capabilities of NYC hospitals to survive a power outage during an emergency.

NYU Hospital had to be evacuated because of generator failures, after ConEd power went out, and Bellevue Hospital was within an hour of being evacuated, before a human chain snaked to the hospitals 13th floor to deliver 5 gallon containers of fuel the hospital did not have on hand for an emergency. The hospital also ran out of oxygen containers.

Thus, while Mayor Bloomberg will do all kinds of posing on television today, the fact of the matter is government did not provide basic checks to determine if hospitals could provide services in a power outage related emergency. Hurricane Sandy has revealed the true state of affairs, government as protector is a myth. It's pretty much all show---all talk and no generator checks.

If you really want to protect yourself during a crisis make sure you have your own stockpile of food, clothing, weapons and an electric generator. Government officials and elitists will pooh, pooh the necessity of doing this as wild west, right wing thinking, but watch what the elitists do not what they say.

Here's what Goldman Sachs did before the storm hit:

They certainly weren't depending on the government to protect them. And reports indicated that, through out the night, lights remained on in the Goldman Sachs building, while the rest of Wall Street was dark. Which means GS had their own functional power generator(s), better than those at NYU Hospital or Bellevue.

Also, the leftist Paul Krugman reported that he had his own private generator operating to keep his residence with power, after power went out in Princeton.

Take the lesson from these elitists, be prepared on your own for emergencies, government will only be on the scene much too late, if at all.


  1. Of course, Bob, we can predict that Bloomberg will say that if they had only had more money for more cops, firefighters, emergency management, etc, etc, then everything would have been just fine.

    It's you selfish people who want to keep so much of your money that caused the problem.

  2. Also, not only do they fail to check if hospitals are ready...they can't handle bedbugs. Yuck.
    SF is a horrible, statist, politically correct, corrupt, one-party city. BUT, at least they have kept the fire dept at top-level readiness for over 100 years.
    There's stupid and there's stuck-on-stupid. NYC is the latter.

  3. Whenever people stop believing that the socialists will solve all their problems and take them to nirvana, all the socialists do is blame-shift, incite envy and promise more expropriation.

    I predict this will be the exact case once the government's response to the hurricane is more publicly scrutinized.

  4. Krugmans personal generator should be expropriated and given to the poor in order to show the world how humane and compassionate he can be (while looking down the barrel of a gun of course).

  5. What money?

    They took it and gave it to fucking GOLDMAN SACHS.

  6. Whatever happens in NY I'm glad Bloomberg dealt with those damned soda cups. Those cups were really a big problem that only the gobmint could fix!

  7. I have been trying to convince my husband that we need to get a generator. I guess I'm just going to have to drag one of the generators home and surprise him with it, as I expect this winter to be interesting.

  8. All those nutjobs on "Doomsday Preppers" don't look so dumb now

  9. The larger issue is why the most populated city in the US flooded at all. Are there no storm barriers that could have been raised? European cities have them, the technology exists.

    Enjoy the Freedom Tower, New York (if it ever gets completed). Don't worry about the cost overruns, there's always more money for 9/11 memorials!

  10. Your lucky they don't round you up in Madison Square with no food & water like Katrina then call you refugees in your own country. Keep drinking the koolaid only in smaller cups

  11. Someday you'll have to wake up and see yourselves for real. The new type of humans. THE CONSUMER