Wednesday, October 17, 2012

US, Israel to Hold Major Missile Defense Exercise

NyPo reports:

The United States and Israel will hold a major missile defense exercise in Israel this month, sending a message of close cooperation as both countries weigh their options over Iran's nuclear program.

The three-week exercise, the largest the allies have ever held, will simulate a variety of long and short-range missile attacks that Israel could face during a regional conflict, said the commanders in charge.

Asked whether it sent a message to Iran, which has warned of an all-out war should Israel try to strike its nuclear facilities, Israeli Brigadier General Nissan Muriel said: "Anybody can get any type of message from this exercise."

"The fact that we are practicing together and working together is a strong message by itself," Muriel said during a conference call with reporters...

More than 3,500 US personnel will take part in the drill, about 1,000 of them in Israel...putting a total price tag on the exercise at $60 million.

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