Sunday, October 7, 2012

U.S. War College Instructor Calls for Hiroshima Solution to the Islam Problem

 This  apparently occurred earlier this year, but has just come to my attention. Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley taught an elective at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA  in which he took the “Islam is the problem” line and advocated “total war” against the Muslim world, including Hiroshima-style “solutions” to the “problem” of Islam.

John Schindler writes:
 In other words, genocide on an unprecedented level. Be sure to see his PowerPoint, it’s … special.

Schindler is correct about the PowerPoint. It's worth a click over.

Schindler goes on to inform:
 Unsurprisingly, the course got the attention of the Pentagon and, eventually, CJCS General Martin Dempsey, who put an end to this sort of nonsense, calling out LTC Dooley directly and ordering a thorough scrub of U.S. military education on this important and sensitive topic. Media coverage was not flattering to Dooley and those of his ilk. He was pulled from the classroom, JFSC was humiliated, and the whole saga had a negative impact on Dooley’s career.
But one has to wonder what Pentagon policy is. After all we are killing Muslims in their own countries. Is it just the scale of the killing that is a concern?


  1. This is beyond bigoted. This is psychotic. Yet, the attitudes which underlie it are more mainstream in the military than the government or Americans in general want to admit. Notice too how recent the course was--March 11, 2011 is the date on the Powerpoint.

  2. "A second slide from Lt. Col. Dooley's presentation (.pdf) mocks the idea of moderate Muslims." Except that it doesn't. It fails also to characterize Christianity fairly. Christians talk a good game about "humility, tolerance, and forgiveness", but Jesus was a narcissist, and his rock, a murderous moocher. (See Acts 5.)

    As far as I can tell, there are several problems with the presentations of Dooley and Coughlin. First, they are sympathetic to Christianity and motivated to spread its evil. Second, they advocate criminal means (government, taxation, military socialism, etc.) for dealing with the criminals of Islam. Another problem is that they'd ruin large amounts of useful things, e.g. houses, office buildings, and the items in these structures. Yet another problem is construing people "who are helping the bad guys" as "good guys". It's not a problem, however, to claim that "Islam is an Imperialist/Conquering Religion", for the claim is true.

    It's interesting, however, that the rhetorical question ("If Islam is so violent, then why...?") can be adapted to socialism in such a way as to reveal further the foolishness of Dhimmwits: If socialism is so despotic, then why are there so many gentle socialists? Whatever the correct answer may be, socialism is nonetheless despotic and in need of extirpation. Fortunately, the means for extirpating socialism, "an Imperialist/Conquering Religion" worse than Islam, will be good for extirpating Islam, too.

  3. As time goes by it will become obvious that Dooley was correct.
    The PC mentality that can't face an ugly but undeniable reality will gradually wither. Wait and see.

  4. Moral Equivalence is always used to justify the deeds of Islam.
    It will take a great deal of blood spilled before the tide is turned, this is a very old war.
    It is good to see the US military being trained like this, although any soldier having served in the 'belly of the beast' comes back with the equivalent of a PhD in the subject.

  5. The poor Colonel simply got caught speaking the truth out loud, not about nuking moslems, but about the reality of all politics.

    Isn't it interesting that the metaphor is about Hiroshima, an attack that has already happened, and is typically celebrated as a great military maneuver that saved thousands, if not millions of lives (on 'our' side). Where are the condemnations of all the politicians and military men who perpetrated that violent act, if it was the same thing the Colonel is suggesting we do now? No, that was a different time. We're far more civilized now. We use drones to conduct missile attacks in the night to kill whole families rather than whole cities. Yes, far more civilized.

    Politics is coercion and violence. Will we condem the soldier who was simply uncouth enough to say it out loud and offend the sensitivities of those in power who give such orders, as well as the sensitivities and ignorance of those who elect them?

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