Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What It Is Like to Be an Intern at Goldman Sachs

Greg Smith is the former GS employee who quit GS and wrote in a NYT op-ed about it: Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs. He is now writing a book about his experiences. The first chapter has been leaked and WSJ informs as to what is in it:

The interns had to carry their tiny stools around to sit, small and awkward, next to traders. 
One managing director threw out a salad an intern brought him because he had ordered a sandwich, not a salad.
The interns faced sessions where executives grilled them with what seem like pointless questions about Goldman Sachs culture and belittled them if they got one wrong.
Sometimes, if the interns did poorly, they cancelled SOCIAL EVENTS.
This is  simply more evidence to me of cultist behavior at GS. But many would still like to work there:


  1. What does goldman Sachs do again? Other than live endlessly off of taxpayer bailouts and buying off every candidate for President.

  2. Oh my god, he threw the salad away! Epic waste.

  3. As "awful" as this sounds, I hate to say it's old news. My mother was a paralegal in Manhattan in the '70s and dealt with many, many of these freshly minted traders and assistants. This is mild compared to what the young Turks back then had to deal with.