Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Selling Drugs Is Such a Dangerous Business

Because if you are at the top of a drug selling organization and get caught, you are going down big time. Despite the fact that a drug transaction is a voluntary transaction, unlike the coercion involved in the enforcement of all government regulations, top drug leaders face prison time that is harsher than most murderers.

From NyPo:
Former American Airlines baggage handler Victor Bourne, 37, was nailed with...three life terms plus an additional 35 years for masterminding an international drug-trafficking ring that smuggled cocaine and other illicit drugs in cargo holds and internal walls of AA jets going in and out of JFK.
If you are up against that kind of time, and not much of a church goer (and maybe even if you are), killing to stay out of prison becomes pretty logical.

But consider the alternative. If drugs were made legal, like alcohol is, the killings would stop, and grandmothers would be selling the drugs at your local Rite Aid and CVS.


  1. Vote "Yes" on I-502 this November and help to legalize marijuana in the state of Washington...

  2. And if the government wasn't carrying on its on-so-successful wars against racism, illiteracy, poverty and drugs, pious types could open a private neighborhood/school franchise where the inhabitants never caught sight of the otherwise peaceful crime free drug users on the other side of town.

  3. I recall a point that Thomas More made in Utopia. He noted that they were hanging petty thieves in England and that this only gave the thieves the incentive to kill their victims, since theft and murder carried the same penalties.