Friday, November 2, 2012

Central Planning Paleface Headed to the Senate

Elizabeth Warren is likely to be the next Senator from Massachusetts. Public Policy Polling's final poll  finds her leading Scott Brown 52-46.


  1. Not a good trend for repukelicons

  2. Both Brown and Warren are statists and fascists. They're both political opportunists and FOS. I can't stand either one of them.

    But I must say that, in the debates Brown dug into Warren's Fauxcahontas lies very hard, and repeatedly (at least during that one debate). And then he was way too overzealous in emphasizing Warren's corporate-protecting lawyering in the next debate. In his stressing those things he came off as just plain obnoxious, and I believe he lost many voters because of that.

    It was as though he was taking advice from these talk radio clowns Howie Carr and Michael Graham who spent endless hours upon hours on those petty, who-cares issues.

    If Brown loses, look for him as a talk show host on WRKO or "News-Talk 96.9".