Monday, November 19, 2012

Fareed Zakaria is Worse When He Doesn't Plagiarize

It seems Fareed Zakaria is not plagiarizing anymore but he is still using twisted language from court economists to come out in favor of higher taxes. In the clip below, Zakaria promotes the idea that a tax deduction should be viewed as a cut in government spending.

Here's Murray Rothbard bashing the idea of loopholes as revenue enhancements, which isn't much different from calling deductions spending cuts :
Of course, government economists have been doing their part as well to try to sugar-coat the pill of tax increases. They never refer to these changes as "increases." They have not been increases at all; they were "revenue enhancement" and "closing loopholes." The best comment on the concept of "loopholes" was that of Ludwig von Mises. Mises remarked that the very concept of "loopholes" implies that the government rightly owns all of the money you earn, and that it becomes necessary to correct the slipup of the government's not having gotten its hands on that money long since.
The clip also carries this doozie from Zakaria:
Now that President Obama has won re-election, the debate in Washington has shifted from whether we should raise taxes, to how and by how much. 
Just where is there any indication that because of the election there's a shift from a debate about raising taxes? For many, the debate remains on not raising taxes, and not on the shifty ways to raise taxes in ways that sound as though taxes are not being raised.

It's all terrible nonsense from Zakaria. Perhaps he should go back to plagiarizing. This might be a good place for him to start, right here.

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  1. Amazing! "Government give you money" he says toward the end of this nonsense. He really thinks the government legitimately owns something to give away. Incredible.