Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forecast: Romney to Win Florida in Very Tight Race

NBC's Chuck Todd: Sources On Both Sides Expect Romney To Win Florida By Under 100k


  1. Ron Paul primary vote totals rounded down in the states mentioned, not including caucus states since those numbers don't represent popular vote:

    MI: 115,000
    NH: 56,000
    IA: 26,000
    PA: 106,000
    NC: 108,000
    OH: 113,000
    VA: 107,000
    WI: 87,000
    FL: 117,000

  2. I'm sure Jeb Bush still has influence in Florida and wants to get Romney's neocon advisers (the same ones from his brother Dubya's administration) as much power as possible. I'm sure the interests of these people are 100% in line w/ the interests of the Bush family.