Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting Way Nuttier: FBI Investigating Agent Who Sent Shirtless Email Pics to Jill Kelley

Andrea Mitchell is reporting:
FBI opens probe into agent who launched probe of Jill Kelley emails for getting too close sending her shirtless emails this getting crazier.
This is the FBI whistleblower who contacted Congress. You knew the FBI was going to go after him for being a whistleblower, but everybody in this case is making it way too easy.


One official said the agent in question sent shirtless photos to Ms. Kelley well before the [Kelley/Petraeus] email investigation began, and FBI officials only became aware of them some time later. Eventually, supervisors told the agent he was to have nothing to do with the case, though he never had a formal role in the investigation, the official said. 


  1. Serious "Spy vs Spy" shit! Love how incompetent these idiots are.

  2. Hmmm I didn't know Anthony Weiner had taken up a position at the FBI...

  3. Have you seen the size of Jill Kelley's boobs!?!?! The poor guy was just looking for some quid pro quo...can't blame him.