Friday, November 2, 2012

Guess Judas Christie's Reaction to the Anti-Gouging (i.e.Price Controls) Laws that are Causing Shortages

More government intervention.


  1. Oh Boy, Odd-evens...
    I remember back in the '70's. It caused people to go to the gas stations on "their" day even for a few gallons of top up just in case. It sucked. As soon as they (finally) rescinded it, things got better. Don't these assholes learn from the past???

  2. "odd-even license plate alternating day gas purchases."

    Glad I'm not there.
    If I was, even if I had 3/4 of a tank, I'd still fill up even if I didn't need it, in case I missed the next time. ...Who wouldn't?

    Is that what happened in the 1970's?

    [That question sparked a memory of how big of a deal - The Spirit of '76 - was back then. ... ...then it was Winter.]

  3. Are they just recycling every bad idea to see how intolerable life can get?

    Keep'em coming, Bob. These are the times when people need to hear the truth.

    My brother in NJ says: remember who Christie beat to become governor -- Jon Corzine. It's difficult to decide who's the bigger criminal at this point.

  4. Do people actually obey this terrorist fuck?

  5. I was at a gas station in Sparta, NJ on Wednesday. Unlike other stations around me, this one had upped prices to about 4.40 for regular. When I got to the pump (about an hour), only Super was left.

    Everybody behaved like a human being at this station, and everyone obviously accepted paying the higher price to have the availability.

    I really hate politicians interfering with the market. With higher gas prices, there would be incentive to get the gas here as soon as possible. Politicians are idiots. Let the people dispense real charity.