Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Election Day...

...a good day for all politicians to have a good laugh. Millions snookered to vote, again.


  1. They look like they're in love.

  2. Fat ass and dumb ass. Awesome.

    Or perhaps another dumb and dumber sequel?

  3. I'm in Fairfax County VA. I'm voting... And I think this is a good reason for the Anarcho-Capitalist to go vote.

    Bond offerings. There are 4 in my county. While they will ultimately all pass, this is a clear choice go and vote no and you vote for less debt on your back. Yes its an insignificant amount in reality, but this is the time and place to vote for less government.

    Also, there is an amendment to the VA constitution to restrict the eminent domain powers of the state. Unfortunately they don't repeal them altogether, but restricting them further is better than the current free ranging eminent domain powers.

    I'm leaving the choice for President and all others blank.

    1. I think any Walt Disney character deserves to be President, that's why there's an option to write in a candidate.

  4. This reminds me of the clip from a number of years ago on the Daily Show when all the G8 leaders were walking down the beach together laughing it up. If I remember correctly they first played some Barry White Can't Get Enough of your love, then the music shifted to the evil Star Wars theme.

    I'm also voting today, writing in Ron Paul. I don't give a damn if it counts or not, it's more a mental F-You to the establishment. There's also 3 good state ballot questions about marijuana, right to end life, and auto repair information. Ideally I wouldn't vote for those but they're a step in the right direction. All the other douchebags running for office, no thanks.