Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Time to End the Government Created ConEd Monopoly in NYC Electric Production


  1. As queues form at the pumps ...

    1) "Meanwhile, the Obama administration is temporarily waiving some Clean Air Act requirements in 16 states and the District of Columbia to reduce fuel disruptions from Superstorm Sandy."

    2) "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie moved to increase supplies of gasoline and diesel by waiving requirements that make it harder for stations to buy from out-of-state suppliers. The waiver will be in place until Nov. 7."


    1. If only these 'temporary' waivers would be as temporary as Nixon closing the gold window.

  2. ConEd doesn't have a monopoly on power production or retail contracting. They have a monopoly on power distribution. The NYISO has been a wholesale and retail choice market since 2000.

    End power delivery monopolies and DO NOT guarantee their pensions through the federal pension guarantee program.

  3. yea anonymous 4:57 is correct. Con ed only has a monopoly on power distribution. They dont own any generators (for the most part). The compaines that own the generators put a bid into Con ed and the lowest price gets picked (this is over simplified of course there are whole bunch of crazy rules). However i use to work as engineer at con ed. They all sat around and did nothing. I mean literately nothing for 8 hours straight. i lasted about 6 months before i quit. it was horrible.