Friday, November 9, 2012

Judas Christie at Work: New Jersey Charges 8 Businesses with Sandy Price Gouging

In the state of Cato's man of the quarter, New Jersey, authorities filed civil suits Friday accusing seven gas stations and one hotel of price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Sad the fat man, who Cato hails as a man of principle leadership:
New Jersey has a tough price gouging law to ensure that profiteers will not take unfair advantage of people at their most vulnerable -- those who have been displaced from their homes, have limited resources, and are seeking fuel, shelter and the basic necessities of life. Businesses operating in New Jersey will obey our laws -- or face significant penalties.
Which, of course, means Cato's man doesn't understand how prices allocate and provide incentive, or he doesn't care.


  1. Put a sign outside the business: raising prices to pay the fine for raising prices. All complaints: forward to the governor's office.

  2. Politicians are such stupid cows. You need gas? I'll sell you all you want for $20 per gallon. Soon they would have gasoline comming out of their ears, and the price would take a nose dive. Any 4 year old can figure this out.

    Perhaps the fat man should do what he is best suited for - NOTHING!

  3. He dances to the tune the voter's play, even if it is to their own detriment. He is a politician after-all.