Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MUST VIEW Brilliant and Hilarious: Rudkowski and Too Tall Paul Volcker


  1. When the man can't even admit his attendance to Bilderberg you know he must have some shame.

    They can be up to no good if he won't even admit he attended.

    What a tool.

  2. Ok, you got me. I couldn't stop laughing every time Luke would casually insert directions to the escalator or tell him about the coat check interspersed with questions about the Fed and Bilderberg.

    Brilliant indeed.

  3. Interesting how an ex-Fed Chairman is just wandering aimlessly, without a clue.

    1. Yea, you've got to wonder if he's going senile or acting/playing dumb.

      I know a couple of old people that pretend they are senile sometimes just to avoid conversation. It's one of the few perks of being old.

  4. I just love the music. It is perfect for chasing a giant. hehe.

  5. What an amusing video. It's good that Luke (a hero) gets to experience a lighter creative side apart from some scary encounters with police and heavily guarded elites.

    We missed a conclusion to the caption at the bottom of the screen that reads: "As it turns out, the place that we were helping Volcker find ended being the room that..." and we never find that out.