Sunday, November 25, 2012

Neocon Speaks Truth: The One Tax that is Going to Go Up on January 1 Will Be a Tax That Goes Up for Working Class and Middle Class Americans

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, neoconservative commentator Bill Kristol actually spoke some truth. He said that on January 1 2013  the only tax that for certain  will go up is the payroll tax, which will impact working America. He correctly stated this tax going up because it is a tax being promoted by a collusion of the elitists--no one Democrat or Republican is talking up against it.

This doesn't mean that Kristol is against all taxes going up. He is a warmonger and he knows he needs revenues to pay for his wars. He is calling for a tax on the "rich." This, of course, would result in a tax on those who invest the most in capital goods, thus a tax on them would result in a decrease in the standard of living for us all.

The real solution is cutting government spending and taxes, but whether it is because of the elitists or the neocons, serious cuts aren't on the table. The only debate amonsgt them is over which taxes to raise.

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