Thursday, November 29, 2012

Neocons Hyping Value Added Tax

Over at David Frum's blog, Justin Green reviews Bruce Bartlett's call for a VAT and concludes:
Bartlett goes on to note, and I must concur, that the odds of a VAT in the near future are quite slim. What might be more feasible would be the introduction of a small VAT (perhaps to supplant part of the payroll tax?) with the understanding that the income tax will gradually be replaced with one based on consumption.
Of course, in the real world taxes aren't replaced they become add ons. A VAT is a very bad idea, it creates a completely new front by which taxes can be raised.


  1. Bruce Bartlett what a joke that guy is. the guy who wanted to republicans to target black voters (which is fair enough) but encouraged a return to Keyesianism, suggesting this was the right thing to do in the 30s and ever after I guess. if you wanted to read more of the moron, the american conservative has an bizarre article from him. one wonders how he continues to get stuff published.

  2. If we could eliminate the income tax and turn to some sort of a consumption tax, I would be for this. Keeping up with taxes is such a hassle, especially if you give to charity, have multiple income streams etc. If it was paid as I bought goods or services, it would free up much time and capital that right now goes to tax preparation.

  3. Anon 7:12, the federal tax ncome tax is never going away... ever. A consumption tax make perfect sense (if you are one of those that believes in taxes) but an income tax is progressive. The collectivists on the right and the left will never abandon the idea of progressive taxation.

    1. I suspect the taxers don't give shit really but use those words to further their own plans.

  4. The VAT is a wonderful way to tax the income people made in the past and already paid income tax on and managed to save. What a system.