Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Yeah, Bloomberg Has the City Really Prepared for an Emergency

NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital, the flagship of the city's public hospital system, remain closed.

There is no firm timetable on the hospitals' return, reports ProPublica. A spokesman for the city agency that runs Bellevue said that the hospital will likely be out for at least several weeks. NYU's outpatient clinics have reopened but the hospital itself remains closed.

Bellevue's emergency room treated more than 100,000 patients last year, and its physicians and outpatient clinics handled more than a half million patient visits, according to state Department of Health data.

Bellevue is also a key piece of the city's crisis response system as the only high-level trauma center near the lower section of Manhattan, says PP.

Government help in an emergency is a myth. Bloomberg is a criminal.


  1. Central planning wins again

  2. Bloomberg needs to be shown the door. How can someone pass dictates on the size of your Coke cup while the city he supposedly runs is so unprepared for a storm?

    The people of NYC ought to be ashamed of themselves for electing this insufferable blowhard, then announcing their stupidity to the world by re-electing him.

    You get the government you deserve. I hope the sheeple in the Big Apple are having second thoughts about their mayor while they freeze in the dark, fetid, rat-infested waters.

    1. I understand he's banning food donations to the shelters now too, because the city can't assess the amount of fats, salts and fiber in the food.
      Something's very wrong with this man's thought processes. He needs to be 'assessed'.