Monday, November 5, 2012

Other Cities Vulnerable to Superstorms

According to the Harvard Business Review, these cities, along with New York City, stand to lose the most, economically, by flooding and rising sea levels :


Guangzhou, China

Kolkata, India


Mumbai, India

Tianjin, China


Hong Kong


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  1. The real risk is the percentage of a given population area that has inhabitants with shorter time preferences. Why NY/NJ going through a tough time? Because these people are obviously not prepared. They don't have stored capital for emergencies lasting a week without power. Losing electric power is a problem all over the world. Everyone knows this. To the extent you prepare for this reveals your time preferences. For the New Yorker who orders out every night, lives in a 800 sq ft apartment running $2,500/month, and has no car to bug out of the city when the SHTF, they're highly levered to having electric power. I'm not sure why if I'm living in another part of the country need to dig into my savings via taxation to subsidize this lifestyle. Feels no different than bailing out the big banks. I'm bailing out an over leveraged situation again.