Saturday, November 10, 2012

Petraeus' Mistress Hosted Labor Day Barbecue with Jon Stewart


  1. Nothing more entertaining than a political scandal.

  2. Paula Broadwell's co-author of the book 'All In' (Vernon Loeb) is never mentioned much, but he was the individual who produced the scandalous fake story about private Jessica Lynch some years ago. Like Paula and Petraeus, he is a marathon runner. This seems to be the social function that bonds all three of these people in a certain sense. Did the Neocon Loeb have anything to do with this dismissal of Petreaus? I think it's possible.
    The report I first heard is that the FBI was scanning Petreaus email for several months, at least from the spring of 2012. That is here:

    This report is inconsistent with the current spin that turns Paula into a jealous 'stalker'. Someone is lying, big time.

    For a look at Loeb's ethics, recall this:

    I suspect potential espionage, not Paula's stalking of another woman, is the
    real cause of the resignation of a CIA head, one of the more powerful positions in the country.

    The link from 'theverge' above, suggests the FBI had been fishing in Petraeus' Gmail account for some time, 'looking for something'. There is the feeling that Paula or someone close to her was gaining access to Petreaus's Gmail account. Could that have been Paula's 'mentor' (her words) Loeb?

    Could the Neocon be interested in the CIA head's email?

    I guess we'll never know, as the story is getting rapidly spun away from the original leaks...

    Vernon, as a co-author of Paula's book on Petraeus, would rarely be seen with Paula, and when he did, it was as a shadow. This can be seen in this realitively short clip:


  3. Ya gotta admit... she's a studly gal!! Ow!!! Hurt me!!

  4. You seriously think the head of the CIA is going to use GMAIL for sensitive communications?