Thursday, November 8, 2012

PPP Nailed It

A few commenters in posts called me out for calling Public Policy Polling among the best.

PPP may be leftist when it comes to their views and who they work for, but they are wertfrei, when they poll.

Reports Politico:
 In every swing state, its final presidential polls were validated Tuesday night as PPP reported the correct winner in all 9 battlegrounds and in the 3 other states (Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania) that the Romney campaign feinted toward. 
A Fordham University report released Wednesday ranked the firm first among 28 organizations for the accuracy of its final, national preelection estimates. 
The story in the Senate was much the same for PPP. It correctly picked every winner and, in most cases, slightly understated Democratic support and overstated GOP support.


  1. Wonderful, take a victory lap. That said, blanket stms. such as 'best in the business' need to be supported at time of publication as to why this may be so.

    Polls are also used to influence outcome, so it is correct that they should be questioned as to veracity.

  2. Something was very off with all of this. *Most* polls, which had an unrealistic democratic bias, showed that the two were "neck and neck". Romney then went on to lose every-single-state. Either these polls are absurdly off, or a fraud of massive proportions occurred. I don't know the truth and I am not attempting to justify any sort of conspiracy theory. But those are the only two outcomes I can see as possibilities.

  3. Polls are for dogs. The only one to have it right was InTrade, the people who put up the money on the bets.

  4. How amazing it was that PPP had Ron Paul winning Iowa, yet election day caucus results didn't match up unlike the poll results all across the nation PPP got. I am sure it was just a coincidence.