Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rand Paul Review Finally Online

James Bovard emails:
Thanks for your kind words a few weeks ago on my review of Rand Paul's book.  TAC finally put the full text online 
Maybe Rand hasn't figured out what his constituency is.  Hard to figure out his genuflecting to Commentary, as you described this morning


  1. As The Judge said in his interview Sunday I think Rand is "playing to the base" and refusing to get locked down. Whereas his father laid it out, chapter and verse, Rand is playing the game but keeping his cards close to the chest.

    I hate to sound like a fanboy but Rand is THE front runner for 2016. So far his actions in the Senate have been consistent and freedom oriented.

  2. I should have read Bovard's article before posting.

    Rand is just messing with my mind. I want to like him, and support him, but then he does shit like this. GAHHHH!