Friday, November 2, 2012

Ron Paul Tells John Stossel: FEMA Causes More Harm than Good


  1. Too bad his son isn't the amazing person Ron is. We really could have used someone close to Ron Paul in the Senate. Instead, Rand concedes the debate before it begins by admitting government has its place.

    Why do you think Rand drew 100 people in NH the other day while 4k for Ron is a slow day? Why is Ron the one converting millions of people to the cause of liberty? He doesn't compromise, as clips like this show. People may not even change their views on that day, but when they see things like the clusterfuck in NYC and NJ, they remember when Ron Paul correctly predicted it.

    Too bad Rand wants to play political patty cake instead of actually convert people.

  2. Stossel has a great show in my opinion.