Monday, November 26, 2012

The Big Petrovski on Cigarette Smuggling

BP emails:

Interesting coincidence that the Economist is pushing for tougher punishments for cigarette smugglers at a time when the Ontario provincial gov't is pushing a campaign against illegal smokes. On top of it all, I presented the paper linked below at the first Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference earlier this month.


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  1. Posts like this make me believe that The Daily Bell and the "Dominant Social Themes" of the elites (aka TPTB) are 100% true. It's amazing how coordinated these attacks against the "bĂȘte noir du jour" seem to be.

    Thank God for the Internet Reformation. Even if Anthony is wrong about the "DSTs" he is right about the power of the Internet to connect people and change their perception of The (corrupt) Elite.