Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Is What Happens as the Economy Get More Regulated...

...and you believe the hype about a college education, financed by government loans.

The newest census shows that between 2006 and 2011, the number of college graduates working as waiters doubled.

Approximately 260,000 California college graduates below the age of 30 worked in low-level jobs in 2011, an increase of 60,000 over 2006. The six most common jobs, according to the Sacramento Bee:

Retail salesperson


Retail sales supervisor

Customer sales rep

Waiter and waitress


The Fed manipulated economy will continue to register strong numbers, but it will leave many behind.

But if you know how to finagle the system, things are different, really different.

Your only hope is to develop a skill and work for yourself.


  1. Well said Bob. You are your own only hope.

    California continues to look more and more like Greece every passing day. I'm waiting for the day bus boy over takes cashier. Then the transformation will be complete.

  2. Missing information:

    What degrees these graduates took.

    Very telling.

  3. Dear Mr. Wenzel:

    Would you post your thoughts on what individual skills (say, 3-5) someone could develop that could be in high future demand for survival in this economy?

    I enjoy this blog very much and appreciate any thoughts you have. Many of us would love to make a living as libertarians, but as Tom Woods has said, this is not advisable for most folks.

    Happy Thanksgiving!