Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Arrested After Nude Protest in Boehner’s Office

D.C. is a circus act.

WSJ reports:
Three women AIDS activists saying they wanted to highlight the “naked truth” about potential spending cuts in HIV programs were arrested Tuesday after taking their clothes off in the lobby of House Speaker John Boehner‘s office. The trio had the words “AIDS cuts kill” painted on their bodies and had linked arms with four men who also disrobed as part of the protest.

Note well: No one mentioned that money would have to be taken from taxpayers to pay for this government payoff, and payoff to the vocal AIDS interventionists is what it would be, as is all other government spending.


  1. This attention getting stunt pretty much sums up how the politics of AIDS funding works, and, why, despite many research breakthroughs and the success of combo drug therapies, AIDS still commands a lavish share of the federal government budget relative to other diseases.

  2. The way I understand it, if you have AIDS you are going to die no matter how much money the government throws at you.

    1. As a gay man (thankfully not a slut) I'm skeptical of a lot of the AIDS-HIV bullshit, but you are totally wrong about the mortality rate, David. Look at Magic Johnson, or Tom Cruise.


  4. And don't forget that HIV incidence in the United States is super small compared to other diseases that also look for federal funding. If we are to have federal funding for biomedical research, it should reflect the incidence of ailments that affect people in the United States, not elsewhere around the world. HIV should be designated an orphan disease in the United States.

  5. Three nude activists. That's his story and he's sticking to it...

  6. The naked truth.
    1.AIDS the politically correct disease/plague.
    2. We want govt. out of our bedroom and in your back pocket to pay for what we do in our bedroom.

  7. Free markets all the way. I'd like to see Hans Hoppe's 4 step plan to free market medicine implemented. Taking care of the sick and poor is up to individuals, families and private/voluntary charities.

    The people who care for the sick are also very much worth something. Should they always be forced to work without the dignity of knowing that they, not the government, are doing this heroic work? If they make a living, excellent. If they are donating time,care etc., they deserve our praise and voluntary support. We libertarians have it so right. I have little doubt the middle-class could have been "rich" by now if it had gone that way.