Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Cheers for Gridlock!!

Says Gary North:
[Obama] is boxed in. The House is solidly Republican. The Senate Democrats cannot get a 60-vote majority to shut off a filibuster.

Washington is headed for gridlock. This is good. This is not a dysfunctional government. A dysfunctional government passes lots of laws. The laws are almost always bad laws. Then the federal bureaucracy interprets and implements these laws in the Federal Register. What little that might have been good gets bad. A gridlocked government is the best we can hope for.


  1. It only took nearly 13 years to get this to happen. Here's to hoping they can't do a damn thing except go home.

  2. Gary North assumes:

    (1) Obama won't ignore Congress with multiple executive orders, czars, foreign policy interventions, etc.

    (2) Congress will do something other than offer rhetorical opposition to executive power grabs

    (3) The Supreme Court will do something other than rubber stamp Obama edicts

    Gridlock is a slender reed to lean upon.

  3. Great point by Gary North, that man is very intelligent. The only thing I would say is that all politicians are statists and so they are still going to agree on many things, regardless of what party they are a part of. There is no difference between political parties, they all want to coerce people in their own way. Yet coercion is coercion, so they will come to some happy medium somewhere.

  4. Perhaps no more obamacare sized deals but plenty of war and aggression by executive order.

    1. I sadly agree. While the Republicans may be able to influence Obama into being slightly better fiscally, sadly the Republicans and Democrats largely agree on more war and fewer civil liberties. And the Federal Reserve will continue its quantitative easing in the background.