Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best Post Election Tweet Exchange


  1. But she's done such great work not knowing what she's talking about! And State Street is based in Boston. Who are they supposed to funnel money to? An outrage, I tell you. An outrage!

  2. we the people love elizabeth warren and it would be a tragedy if she didnt get put on the commitee to reform and fix banking and end favors to the rich and super wealthy.

    shes the only one that cares about the middle class and wants to help the little guy.

    john boner should be charged with treason for not letting her on the banking committee

  3. LOL! Sorry but that is quite hilarious.

  4. This doesn't match your tweet but _is_ pretty funny.
    From Instapundit.
    "YEAH, THIS WILL REASSURE THE BASE: Christie Calls Obama To Congratulate Him, E-Mails Romney…"