Friday, November 9, 2012

Twitter Attacked? Strange Photos Appearing On Timelines

CNBC is reporting:
Shortly before 10:00pm ET on Thursday, Twitter users began complaining of unusual photos appearing in their timelines.

"Almost all pics are getting replaced by some weird Benghazi Libya/US flag bloody hand image," tweeted user @Eledhril.

A quick search for related tweets pulled up more than 20 complaints about the same mysterious image. Users described it as a "bloody hand" and "disturbing picture of American flag" with a message "about Libya on September 11th."

The photo, as tweeted by users, shows the names of the four Americans killed on September 11, 2012 in Libya. President Obama's campaign logo can be seen as part of an American flag, where this hand wipes blood... 
Earlier on Thursday, Twitter was thought to have been hacked after the site reset some users' passwords.


  1. Can't suppress the truth forever. And Eric Holder is considering leaving, shocking news! /sarc

  2. Didn't marc faber recently say that Obama wouldn't last another 4 years because there were too many rumors of scandal and where there is smoke, there is fire?


  3. This is why the government needs full ability to censor the internet along with an internet kill switch

  4. I see some MSM stories about "republican rage" after losing to Obama. Instead it seems the republicans like big government and basically are happy with the interventionist policies of Obama and Bush. At heart, republicans believe the government wouldn't really lie to them, "they would never really kill their own people"...."government is too incompetent to pull off a lie like that". Republicans are zombies. I'll be believe there is "rage" when I see it.