Friday, November 2, 2012

Very Dangerous Rand Paul Manuever

More and more, Rand Paul appears not to take principled stands against big government, but rather takes short-term technical stands against some government operations, which he then doubles back on by supporting the very government agency that he argues against on very technical grounds.

Here is his latest on FEMA:
(CNN) – Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky held firm on his stance Thursday that local government provides better service when disaster strikes than the Federal Emergency Management Agency...

"I have always maintained that FEMA should exist on money that comes in as revenue, but not on borrowed money," the fiscal conservative said Thursday on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront."...

While he maintained "government is inefficient" in major disasters, he added, "I'm not saying government doesn't have a role."
There is just no hardcore principles in the comments he is making. In other words, his positioning is very dangerous in that it will confuse those who are attempting to learn about the problems of government. James Bovard has asked about Rand:
Will he take the principled high road that his father paved with such courage? Or will he simply become another conservative who flourishes government waste, fraud and abuse stories to make supporters believe he is going to roll back Leviathan? 
Sadly, the answer is becoming clear.


  1. Ugghhh...Gross! This is what I think whever I hear about Rand Paul. I think he will prove a good teacher in political reality to some of the more starry eyed newcommers in the "liberty" movement, recent converts to the ideas of Rands morally principled father. Power corrupts, and people have to learn it somehow. Thanks Rand...

  2. Becoming clear?!


    It was obvious back when he was campaigning for Senate. For those of us who actually understand these things, the big give away was HE WAS CAMPAIGNING FOR SENATE. But for those who needed a bit more prodding but were still pretty eyes-wide-open, it was all of the things he said during his campaign which made it clear he was in for the love of the game, not the liberty of thou or thine.

  3. Rand has my support.