Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Next for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul aide Daniel McAdams has sent out an email with this teaser:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

After eleven years on the Hill working for Congressman Paul I am departing with the rest of the team. Most of you know that Dr. Paul is retiring from Congress.

I will remain in the area and will remain engaged with Dr. Paul, promoting his views on foreign policy and civil liberties. Please keep an eye out early next year for an announcement of the next phase of our efforts... 

Daniel McAdams | Foreign Affairs and Defense | Congressman Ron Paul, M.D


  1. I'm wagering he will continue, and step up his support, to instigate the secessionist movement.

    It's the next logical step in the r3volution. When he began his campaign in 2008 I could hardly envision where the liberty movement would be in only 4 short years. I didn't think people were ready to embrace freedom like they did.

    Dr. Paul knows that most will not be ready to hear this message in 2013, but most weren't ready to hear about liberty in 2008 either. Look how far we've come.

    The brush fire is set, now is the time to stoke the flame.

  2. Lew Rockwell did an interview with Alex Jones a couple of weeks ago in which he explicitly stated that Ron Paul will be much more powerful and influential after he leaves Congress that he ever was while in office. He said there are big things to come. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves.

  3. Aim high, Dr. Paul.
    Love, Capn Mike

  4. Cool. Looking forward.